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Why did Chávez lose?

John Pilger, whose film War on Democracy is now out on DVD, comments.

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Pakistan’s students push for democracy

The recent introduction of martial law in Pakistan has helped to end a three-decade drought on student activism in the country. Amber Vora reports.

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State of Fear

The war on terror has provoked a global state of siege. Richard Swift sees a spreading ‘occupation mentality’ that may be visiting your neighbourhood soon.

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Aziz Choudry charts the way security forces are using anti-terrorist laws against the social justice movement.

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Ring of fire

Indigenous people across the Andes are fed up with free trade. Co-authors Kathryn Ledebur and Sandra Edwards report from Ecuador and Bolivia.

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Democracy is dead

Paul Kingsnorth asks if democracy can be reinvented.

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Polyp's Big Bad World – July 2004

Stuffing the ballot box.

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Tales of the unexpected

For all their faults, co-ops are more widespread and active than you might imagine. If economic democracy has anything to do with it, argues David Ransom, there will even more of them in future.

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  • June 1, 2004
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Democracy - beyond the market

Profiles in activism from the former Soviet Union.

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