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Tackling food waste, one big picnic at a time

Thanks to grassroots action, corporations are being encouraged to divert edible excess from bins to bellies. Jemma Crew reports.

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Closing The Loop

Filed in: China Environment Health Waste Water

  • March 5, 2003
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Oysters help clean ocean

Oyster shells are being used to clean up polluted water in Japan.

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Return To Sender

Filed in: Environment Germany Recycling Waste

  • October 5, 1997
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Together We Can Trash The Planet

Filed in: Environment Waste

  • October 5, 1997
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Sense And Sanitation

Filed in: Health Housing India Waste

  • February 5, 1996
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Garbage Galore

Filed in: Environment Population Waste

  • September 5, 1992
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