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Climate-proofing projects: a map

From air-conditioned bus stops in Dubai to painting Peruvian hill tops: a graphic guide to humankind’s steps to adapt to global warming.

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The Arctic will burn

Predicting the effects of global warming is never easy, says Zoe Cormier. But the signs are not good. 

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Video: Scrap the carbon credits scheme!

EU ministers must follow the UN and abolish this flawed initiative.

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We messed up, but you can still save the planet

A message to the younger generation, in the wake of COP17 in Durban, from Paul Downton, who has been monitoring climate change for more than 30 years.

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Durban became a procrastinators’ paradise

In his final missive from COP17 climate talks, Nnimmo Bassey lays into a polluters’ deal that spells catastrophe for the world’s poorest.

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‘There is no planet B’

Hope for a binding treaty starts to evaporate in Durban as politicians look to a deal that will cook the continent, says Nnimmo Bassey.

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The Kyoto protocol is in grave danger

African negotiators told not to ‘waste  time’ calling for developed nations to cut CO2, reports Nnimmo Bassey.

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Challenging climate apartheid

‘Let us begin, brothers, for until now we have done nothing’…. As talks kick off in Durban, Nnimmo Bassey is cheered by messages of hope.

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Are Durban climate talks worth the bother?

Nigerian environmentalist Nnimmo Bassey describes low expectations in South Africa.

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Life beyond growth

In the light of the world’s current economic situation, New Internationalist’s Wayne Ellwood re-visits his prescient analysis of the growth cul-de-sac.

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Stop stalling on climate action!

24 September: Moving Planet day of action, Africa

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