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Rêve Générale to Panama Papers

From France to Iceland, two seemingly disparate movements converge around the same dream, writes Jamie Kelsey-Fry.…

  • Tue Apr 5 13:49:29 2016
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The Brussels Attacks

Our pain and rage are immense, but we need reason and understanding more than ever, Frank Barat writes.…

  • Thu Mar 24 06:47:41 2016
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Doing grief properly

Compulsory grief is both pointless and grotesque, writes Kate Smurthwaite.…

  • Mon Feb 15 06:29:31 2016
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Don’t let Islamic State turn you against refugees

There’s a reason that the Paris suicide bombers made sure to bring their passports, writes Hazel Healy.…

  • Wed Nov 18 05:21:08 2015
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Explaining the Paris attacks

There are heavy emotions and serious concerns over the tragic events in Paris, but how can we explain the issue?, asks Tahir Abbas.…

  • Tue Nov 17 05:19:13 2015
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The 7/7 attacks and a new type of terrorism


  • Tue Jul 7 11:47:00 2015
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Droning on

President Obama has carried out more drone attacks than George W Bush.…

  • Tue Dec 1 22:17:00 2009
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Holding my breath for Mumbai

The many messages that have been hitting our email boxes in the last few days - the nutty, the sad andthe pathetic - reveal a very real anxiety that once thesieges in Mumbai have ended, the city could erupt in communal carnage as it has done inthe past…

  • Fri Nov 28 10:58:00 2008
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