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2016: The Year of the Fashion Revolution

What did this year's Fashion Revolution movement teach us? And what can the next generation do to change the current state of fast-fashion? .…

  • Thu Apr 28 10:57:45 2016
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Slow Fashion: Caryn Franklin and Safia Minney Live Q&A

Safia Minney launched her new eco-fashion book, Slow Fashion last week. Caryn Franklin, British fashion expert and commentator, asks the People Tree founder about the trend of slow fashion and where the industry is heading.…

  • Wed Apr 27 05:11:13 2016
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Slow Fashion Book Launch

New Internationalist's new eco-fashion book, Slow Fashion, by Safia Minney, explores the rebirth of the slow fashion movement.…

  • Wed Apr 27 05:09:37 2016
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The stuff problem

How much mined material will we need to build a 100-per-cent renewable world? Danny Chivers works it out.…

  • Mon Sep 28 09:50:13 2015
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Haifa Fragments explores complex Palestinian-Israeli life

Haifa Fragments is a novel published by New Internationalist. In this video Chris Brazier explains how the book navigates difficult and intriguing terrain.…

  • Fri Sep 11 11:46:50 2015
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Greece says no to austerity, and so should we...

Greece says no to austerity, and so should we...…

  • Thu Jan 29 06:34:00 2015
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  • Mon Oct 5 07:00:22 2009
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Calling photographers!

Budding photographers, step right this way...…

  • Thu Oct 1 06:44:42 2009
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The new superpowers

As US power falls, people-power is rising...Never before has a United States Presidential election been given so much coverage in the Western World as its being given now…

  • Tue Aug 19 16:00:00 2008
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Enter stage left

A radical take on improving peoples physical and environmental security..…

  • Tue Aug 12 16:00:00 2008
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