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The Amazing Journey

Water needs to be managed now more than ever. Follow the amazing journey of water through its never-ending cycle. Learn how our planet’s most important molecule - water - is used throughout the world. Understand hydro electric power, dirty water, how to conserve water and what you can do to ensure there is enough clean water for everyone. Fascinating facts, wicked humour and bright illustrations give the topic a new perspective.

Format: 230 x 280 mm, 30 pages, paperback, full colour

"This book fits in with the school teachings on the environment and its push to get kids to understand the importance of water."
Fiona Coffey, Librarian, Mona Vale

"A sopping great triumph! It’s brilliant."
Robyn Williams, AM, ABC Science Show

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FROM: Desmond M Tutu, Archbishop of Cape Town
“New Internationalist is independent, lively and properly provocative, helping to keep its readers abreast of important developments in parts of our globe that risk marginalisation. Read it!.”

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'Huckleberry Finn' was the young boy who believed in doing the right thing even when most people believed that it was wrong.

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