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Cook books

Small Planet Vegetarian Cookbook
Planet-friendly global mezze

The Small Planet Vegetarian Cookbook introduces a global spread of delicious low-impact vegetarian dishes. There's something particularly enticing about a meal made up of several 'small' dishes, as with Middle Eastern mezze or Spanish tapas. Troth Wells has taken this style of cooking and enjoying food and given it an exciting global dimension.

Western livestock-rearing and industrial production of meat is not a model that can be projected worldwide - even if it were desirable. Moving towards a more vegetable-based diet is the only sustainable and healthy way to feed the world. Not everyone can or will give up eating meat at once, but this exciting Small Planet Vegetarian Cookbook will help the change.

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Some of the best non-meat dishes come from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East and we have selected a range of highlights. From the tempting coconut milk rich dishes of South India, to the warming bean and chilli concoctions of South America; from the fragrant soups and stir-fries of Thailand to the delicate wat stews of Ethiopia, this cookbook has intriguing tastes for every palate.

And to reflect the wealth of vegetarian and non-dairy meals, the book is presented in mezze (or spread of dishes) style – dips that can also accompany a main dish; crispy salads that you may like to start a meal with; a 'main' course that could also be a starter and vice versa…. these tasty, easy recipes offer freedom from a standard menu approach and invite you to experiment with exciting tastes, colors and flavours. The extraordinary abundance of nutritious plant foods give great opportunities to conjure them into delicious, planet-friendly meals.

This book enables you to roam freely, experimenting with different combinations. Think small – small dishes, lots of them, for our small planet.

About the Author Troth Wells was a co-editor at New Internationalist for over 30 years. She is the author of a number of cookbooks, most recently the best-selling World of Street Food and Global Vegetarian Kitchen.

What they say about NI..
FROM: Desmond M Tutu, Archbishop of Cape Town
“New Internationalist is independent, lively and properly provocative, helping to keep its readers abreast of important developments in parts of our globe that risk marginalisation. Read it!.”

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