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Overseas NI Subscription
Rates for overseas subscriptions to be sent from New Zealand are as follows:

Pacific region
1 year
Air Mail Subscription

Ref: 900
Add to basket
Rest of world
1 year
Air Mail

Ref: 911
Add to basket
Pacific region
2 year
Air Mail Subscription

Ref: 902
Add to basket
Rest of world
2 year
Air Mail

Ref: 912
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For orders (other than magazine subscriptions) to be sent overseas from Christchurch, please add a percentage of the total cost of the goods that relates to your delivery area:-

(of goods total)
South Pacific
add 25%
East Asia
add 30%
Rest of World
add 45%

For example, if the goods total of your order is NZ$7.50 and you live in the Pacific region, the post and pack will be NZ$1.88 (25% of $7.50), making the order grand total NZ$9.38. PLEASE NOTE: This system is only an estimation of overseas postage costs, as rates vary from package to package depending on size and weight. If estimations are lower than the actual postage charge, you will receive an email to confirm that you are happy to pay the higher postage rate.

If you would like to know how much the NZ$ is worth in your currency click here.

Packages destined for overseas will be sent airmail
only if sufficient postage is received.

Packages will be sent economy if sufficient postage is not received.




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A one-off collection of 12 exuberant pictures by the world's leading photographers.

Photo diary, week to view, 53 stunning photos displayed in unique triangular sit-up format.

NI One World Cards
These greetings cards feature five of the pictures taken from the One World Calendar.

Eat Money Poster
Cree Indian saying printed on recycled paper.

Things That Matter Poster
Elegant and eloquent poster based on the words of Martin Luther King Jr.

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