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Children's books

Juliana's Bananas
From the farm to the supermarket

Follow the story of Juliana and her children Billy and Bertha to learn how Windward Islands bananas are grown and transported to western supermarket shelves. Packed with colourful illustrations, collages and photos, the book is a great way to teach, or learn, fun facts about bananas and the environment, and the differences between fair trade production and other plantation practices. There's even some yummy banana recipes for kids to make.

An educational resource to help children of 5 and up explore fair trade through the eyes of children of banana farmers in the Windward Islands, with the narrative based on real life situations.

About the author:

Ruth Walton is skilled in many areas of book design, including illustration, layout and typography. She produces educational books using a combination of letterpress, illustration, collage and photography. She illustrated the Let's Find Out series for Franklin Watts.

ISBN / Barcode: 9781780261805

  • Lots of fun facts
  • Educational
  • Includes recipes for kids
  • 178 x 212 mm
  • 32 pages
  • Ages 5 and up

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Juliana's Bananas
From the farm to the supermarket

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