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The EU-Morocco Fisheries Partnership

Morocco’s exploitation of Western Sahara’s fish stocks in choppy waters.

Filed in: Fishing, Morocco and Western Sahara

World Social Forum promises to clean up its act

In Africa, for Africa?

Filed in: Senegal

A rosier Valentine's for Ugandan flower workers

Trade unions improve conditions for African flower workers

Filed in: Agriculture, Trade Unions, Trade Unions and Uganda

Climate criminal Canada sets its sights on Europe

6th round of Canada-EU trade negotiations, Brussels: 16-21 January

Filed in: Canada, Climate Change and Oil

Okinawans battle to close US bases

Okinawa currently hosts 75 per cent of US military facilities in Japan

Filed in: Japan, Military and United States

Press crackdown in South Africa

South African protest

Filed in: Media and South Africa

Bhopal disaster

Water contamination causes further tragedy for survivors.

Filed in: India and Pollution

Belarus elections

Voters face a Hobson’s choice.

Filed in: Belarus and Democracy

Indonesia’s Abu Ghraib

West Papuan freedom struggle gathers momentum.

Filed in: West Papua

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