Laspo: New Internationalist Search Results 3 search results for 'Laspo'. Showing results 1 to 3. Laspo: New Internationalist Search Results (CC) 2010 New Internationalist Squatting law is cause of problems, not a cure Vyvian Raoul calls for change in England and Wales to avoid more deaths like that of a homeless man outside an empty Kent bungalow. Tue, 12 Mar 2013 16:46:00 +0000 Becoming criminal at home From 1 September squatting residential buildings in England and Wales will be illegal Fri, 31 Aug 2012 10:41:00 +0000 Why outlawing squatting will be way too expensive Criminalizing squatters is likely to cost £790 million and deep cuts to legal aid won’t even cover half of that, warns Rueben Taylor. Fri, 16 Mar 2012 10:45:00 +0000