Alstom: New Internationalist Search Results 3 search results for 'Alstom'. Showing results 1 to 3. Alstom: New Internationalist Search Results (CC) 2010 New Internationalist Which is the world’s worst company? The Public Eye Awards are back to highlight the companies with the worst record in human rights and the environment Fri, 11 Jan 2013 18:30:00 +0000 Before and after: the site of Brazil’s Belo Monte dam Fernando de Cunha explains why locals have spent the last 20 years fighting the construction of the world’s third largest hydroelectric project. Tue, 07 Aug 2012 15:00:00 +0000 The witness Human rights activist Ewa Jasiewicz reflects on her time in Gaza, where she saw – and reported on – unimaginable horrors and incredible heroism. Wed, 27 Jan 2010 09:56:00 +0000