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Sandra Sebastian

A bullethole in shattered glass: an image of everyday violence in Guatemala City, by local photographer *Sandra Sebastian*.…

  • Fri Dec 1 10:55:00 2006
  • Rank: 100


In October 2006, Thailand expanded its list of tourist attractions with one of the world’s most laid-back military coups…

  • Wed Nov 1 22:20:00 2006
  • Rank: 100

Don't believe the hypermarket

Supermarkets haven’t seen the error of their unsustainable ways, reveals *Sarah Irving*.…

  • Wed Nov 1 20:02:00 2006
  • Rank: 100

Interview with Hernando Hernandez Tapasco about surviving as an activist in war-torn Colombia

Being a human rights activist in Colombia can be murder, but that hasn’t stopped *Hernando Hernandez Tapasco*.…

  • Mon Oct 2 00:39:00 2006
  • Rank: 100


If people in the rich world associate Benin with anything at all, it is likely to be child trafficking, slavery or voodoo – not exactly the ideal calling cards for a nation…

  • Sat Sep 2 01:16:00 2006
  • Rank: 100

The Rescue Foundation

India’s brothels are full of young girls who serve as sex slaves…

  • Fri Jun 2 03:00:00 2006
  • Rank: 100

At the top of the hill

A poet’s view of from Rio’s favelas by Gabriela Tôrres Barbosa.…

  • Sun Jan 1 21:40:00 2006
  • Rank: 100

Turning back the clock

The position of women in Central Asia is worsening.…

  • Mon Aug 1 13:37:00 2005
  • Rank: 100

The face of violence

Mayra Jucá discovers why injuring others attracts young men.…

  • Mon Aug 1 11:14:00 2005
  • Rank: 100

Jessa:'All that has happened, has happened already'

It's a common sight in Manila to see single male foreigners with young girls on their arms.…

  • Fri Apr 1 10:58:00 2005
  • Rank: 100


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