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  • Sun May 5 08:01:01 2002
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  • Thu Jul 5 08:01:01 2001
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Book reviews

An East German spy thriller with a difference - just one of the books reviewed this month.…

  • Thu Dec 3 04:33:40 2015
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10 reasons not to bomb Syria

British politicians will decide this week whether to extend airstrikes against Islamic State into Syria. Vanessa Baird on why they should vote ‘no’.…

  • Mon Dec 7 08:55:22 2015
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Mixed media: Books

Book reviews from our October magazine include The Underground by Hamid Ismailov; The New Threat by Jason Burke; The Wikileaks Files by Wikileaks; and America’s Dreyfus by Joan Brady.…

  • Wed Nov 4 06:04:45 2015
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‘I love you, and you love 20 million people’

Yara Badr, Mazen Darwish’s wife, says she always knew she’d have to share him with the rest of Syria.…

  • Wed Sep 30 05:24:42 2015
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Catapult Books

Catapult Books is the partnership publishing imprint of New Internationalist. Catapult helps individuals and organizations craft book projects, publish in print and/or ebook formats, and make titles available to all relevant audiences.…

  • Wed Jan 27 07:04:35 2016
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Chaos computer camp challenges power and the zombie apocalypse

Ásta Guðrún Helgadóttir reports from a hackers’ gathering where things are broken to be fixed and made better.…

  • Wed Aug 26 06:46:50 2015
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Media: purpose before profit?

Media: purpose before profit?…

  • Thu Jun 18 04:13:00 2015
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Can eating meat and dairy products be sustainable?

Can eating meat and dairy products be sustainable?…

  • Mon Jun 1 07:15:00 2015
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