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Buried alive

A devastating industrial accident in Bangladesh puts the spotlight on global sweatshops…

  • Fri Jul 1 18:57:00 2005
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China: demonstrable discontent

With China’s reforms crippled by political corruption and the rising gap between rich and poor, the Chinese Government is facing serious challenges from those who have been socio-economically disadvantaged…

  • Fri Jul 1 18:45:00 2005
  • Rank: 100

Brazil throws Microsoft out of the windows

Brazil has pledged to invest heavily in its own software industry in a bid to keep pace with the technological advance of the developed nations…

  • Fri Jul 1 18:39:00 2005
  • Rank: 100

Bolivar's broom

Argentine people power keeps up the pressure.…

  • Fri Jul 1 18:23:00 2005
  • Rank: 100

Ethiopia: Local people are out, wildlife is in

In November last year, 463 houses of the Guji-Oromo people in Nechasar National Park in southern Ethiopia were burned down by police and park authorities…

  • Fri Jul 1 18:20:00 2005
  • Rank: 100

South Africa’s prickly pear spikes poverty

Women in South Africa’s Fort Beaufort township can make a little money by selling prickly pear fruit on the streets, but a larger source of income comes from brewing the fruit into beer.…

  • Fri Jul 1 18:10:00 2005
  • Rank: 100

Hearts of Darkness

Massive military build-up in West Papua…

  • Fri Jul 1 17:57:00 2005
  • Rank: 100

On football

The inimitable *Eduardo Galeano* offers his thoughts on football.…

  • Fri Jul 1 17:51:00 2005
  • Rank: 100

Onnik Krikorian

On 24 April a march in Yerevan marked the 90th anniversary of the Armenian genocide and was photographed by Onnik Krikorian.…

  • Fri Jul 1 17:35:00 2005
  • Rank: 100

Between a rock and a hard place

Activist Sagar Bishwakarma argues that Dalits in Nepal are trapped between the Government and the Maoists.…

  • Fri Jul 1 17:27:00 2005
  • Rank: 100


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