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The Economy according to Islam

Is the Islamic republic capitalist or socialist asks *Terry Povey*.…

  • Tue Sep 2 00:55:00 1980
  • Rank: 100

For God and Country

Has Iran exchanged one dictator for another? Issue editor *Christopher Sheppard* puts into perspective the fall of the Shah and the rise of Islam.…

  • Tue Sep 2 00:49:00 1980
  • Rank: 100

Tobacco Toll

'There is,' according to the Chairman of British American Tobacco (BAT), 'no statistical association between smoking and health in developing countries.'…

  • Tue Sep 2 00:40:00 1980
  • Rank: 100

Riding the Right Road

'One of the poorest countries in the world, with one of the wisest leaders.' That's how President Nyerere's Tanzania has been described…

  • Tue Sep 2 00:26:00 1980
  • Rank: 100

On the Never-Never

Default, the nightmare word for international bankers has again crept into the conversations of the big money men from New York, Bonn, London and Zurich…

  • Tue Sep 2 00:20:00 1980
  • Rank: 100

Haiti - Keeping it in the family

'Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose' is a familiar French phrase that seems gruesomly appropriate in modernday Haiti…

  • Tue Sep 2 00:16:00 1980
  • Rank: 100

Kurds at War

*Miruk Siamand* reports on the continuing struggle of the Kurdish people.…

  • Tue Sep 2 00:05:00 1980
  • Rank: 100

Fanning the Flames

In the Pope's New Year message this January, he pointed out that just 200 of the 50,000 nuclear weapons now estimated to be in existence would destroy all the world's major cities…

  • Mon Sep 1 23:50:00 1980
  • Rank: 100

Back to the Veil

Canadian feminist *Carole Jerome* investigates women's liberation in the new Iran.…

  • Mon Sep 1 23:06:00 1980
  • Rank: 100

Rise Of The Ayatollahs

New Internationalist introduces the stars.…

  • Mon Sep 1 22:52:00 1980
  • Rank: 100


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