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Cover for November 2006 - Issue 395

November 2006's Issue

A revolution is occurring in shopping malls across the western world. Having once been the sole preserve of hippies, lefties, church-goers and NI readers, all of a sudden ‘ethical’ is in. With sales of organic, fair trade, sweatshop-free, eco-friendly products shooting up year on year, ‘ethical consumerism’ is becoming big business. Even the most hard-nosed transnationals are falling over themselves to show consumers just how planet-conscious they really are. As this once-minuscule market goes mainstream, NI takes a look at the implications and asks some big questions.

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Featured in issue 395

Healing Stories - A Celebration of Mi'kmaq Women

On October 14, 2006, ‘Healing Stories: A Celebration of Mi’kmaq Women’ was held on the First Nations Reserve in Bear River, Nova Scotia. The event was sponsored by the Nova Scotia Union of Public and Private Employees (NSUPE).

  • 29 Nov 2006
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Stopping the Shopocalypse

Words of anti-consumerist wisdom from the Church of Stop Shopping’s Reverend Billy.

  • 1 Nov 2006
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Buy now, pay later

Ethical consumerism may be all the rage, but it won’t save the planet, argues Jess Worth.

Abdallah Farah

Postcards from ravaged Beirut: a unique living art project by pyromaniac photographer Abdallah Farah.

As Used on the Famous Nelson Mandela: Underground adventures in the arms & torture trade

As Used on the Famous Nelson Mandela by Mark Thomas

The Star of Algiers

The Star of Algiers by Aziz Chouaki

Freedom Next Time

Freedom Next Time by John Pilger

Man Push Cart

Man Push Cart by Ramin Bahrani

Red Road

Red Road by Andrea Arnold

Everything Must Change

Everything Must Change by Orange Blossom

Between the Desert and The Sea

Between the Desert and The Sea by El Tanbura

Stephen Harper

For years a sceptical Canada was left out of the worldbeating love-in between George W Bush and Tony Blair. Now right-wing Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been welcomed gladly to the fold.

  • 1 Nov 2006
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Punk rock capitalism?

You can eliminate AIDS in Africa using an American Express credit card according to Product (RED)’s Tamsin Smith and Sheila Roche. Not everyone is convinced.

Faulty Forsmark

  • 1 Nov 2006
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Sudan's other crisis

The crisis surrounding the return of refugees to post-war southern Sudan.

Sweating over sweatshops

Mark Engler explains why ‘clean clothes’ campaigning is no longer about boycotting Gap.


In October 2006, Thailand expanded its list of tourist attractions with one of the world’s most laid-back military coups. Tourists and local residents alike posed for photos alongside the tanks and cheerful soldiers.

Farce as reality

How Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times predicted the reality of present-day Mauritius, by Lindsey Collen.

21st century consumers

What brand of buyer are you?

  • 1 Nov 2006
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Interview with Sharla Musabih as she builds the City of Hope

Battered women of all nationalities in the United Arab Emirates used to have no refuge. But Sharla Musabih has been putting that right.

Polyp's Big Bad World - November 2006

Global warming and the closest of shaves in Polyp’s latest cartoon.

Free software!

Strike a blow for freedom – get rid of Windows, Word, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and the rest, says Bruce Byfield.

Don't believe the hypermarket

Supermarkets haven’t seen the error of their unsustainable ways, reveals Sarah Irving.


The Berlin Wall was considered an outrage. But where, asks Eduardo Galeano, is the outrage at the other walls being erected around the world, in Israel, Western Sahara and the US?

How to be an ethical consumer

Info and action ideas.

Fair enough?

Fair trade risks losing its soul to big business. Albert Tucker wants you to join the fightback.

Cover of the Blood brothers: Saudi Arabia and the West of New Internationalist

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Blood brothers: Saudi Arabia and the West

Saudi Arabia issue

The Saudi regime won’t like this magazine. Nor will the Western governments who kowtow to it while exploiting its wealth and paranoia. The Saudi justice ministry threatened to sue a Twitter user who compared the regime with ISIS after poet Ashraf Fayadh was sentenced to death ‘for spreading atheism and disrespecting the prophet’. It’s illegal to speak to foreign journalists without authorization and what you say could easily land you in jail. What is guaranteed to please neither the Saudi ruling elite nor Western governments is our interview with Julian Assange. He talks about the latest batch of SaudiLeaks. All that and much more in this magazine.


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Migration issue

Why are refugees dying on the shores of prosperous, peacetime Europe? Are the numbers really unmanageable? And what if border controls brought more migrants into the rich world, not less? This month’s New Internationalist digs deeper into the backstory to Europe’s refugee crisis – and lays out an alternative, humanitarian vision that recognizes the reality of 21st century migration.

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