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June 2006's Issue

President Hugo Chávez and oil - from the outside you get the general impression there’s nothing else much worth knowing about Venezuela. You would never suppose that a sea change has been sweeping through this extraordinary place for more than seven years, throwing up awkward questions as it goes. Is peaceful revolution a contradiction in terms? Does the term ‘Bolivarian’ mean anything at all? Can economic orthodoxy and the American Empire be successfully defied? The NI reports from a country where ordinary people are living through far from ordinary times.

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Featured in issue 390

The Rescue Foundation

India’s brothels are full of young girls who serve as sex slaves. The Rescue Founwdation tries to liberate them.

  • 2 Jun 2006
  • 6

Dam lies

Hunger strikes on both sides as India raises its Narmada Dam still higher.

Polyp's Big Bad World – June 2006

Vegan gruel and global warming: a cautionary cartoon by Polyp.

Blog-on Africa!

  • 1 Jun 2006
  • 0

Haunted mornings, sleepless nights

Jean Baptiste Kayigama describes how he survived the genocide in Rwanda.

The hive

Perched in The Valley, a Caracas barrio plays host to David Ransom.

Apartheid versus sumud

The Israeli election made it plainer than ever, according to Jeff Halper: what most Israelis want is apartheid.

Subhankar Banerjee

Photographic evidence of the melting Arctic ice, shot by Subhankar Banerjee.

The Bolivarian school

José Orozco reports from the chalkface.

Sleepwalking Land

Sleepwalking Land by Mia Couto.

Double vision

Old and new forms of democracy still run along parallel lines, says Michael Albert.

After The Neocons: America at the Crossroads

After The Neocons by Francis Fukuyama

Civil soldiers

The civilization of the military – or the militarization of civilians? Elizabeth Núñez looks for answers.

Black Gold

Black Gold directed by Marc and Nick Francis.

The spoils of oil

Ivan Briscoe visits Maracaibo, source of ‘the black curse’ and a Hollywood all of its own.

Afroreggae Special: Culture Is Our Weapon & Favela Rising

AFROREGGAE SPECIAL: Culture Is Our Weapon by Patrick Neate and Damian Platt; Favela Rising directed by Jeff Zimbalist.

‘The Cuban stays!’

Watched by Vanessa Davies, primary healthcare finally arrives, courtesy of Cuban doctors.

The little blue book

Excerpts from the Bolivarian Constitution.

  • 1 Jun 2006
  • 0

Live in Ramallah

Live in Ramallah by West-Eastern Divan Orchestra/Daniel Barenboim.

Sprinting Gazelle

Sprinting Gazelle by Reem Kelani

Meles Zenawi

When Ethiopia’s Dergue dictatorship was swept away, former guerrilla leader Meles Zenawi seemed to embody new hope for Africa’s second most populous country. Where did it all go wrong?

  • 1 Jun 2006
  • 0

Inside the Venezuelan Revolution

David Ransom discovers a democratic change in the making.


The distinctive topography of the Maldives – an archipelago of more than 1,200 small islands – allows for a strict demarcation of function. One for the capital, another for rubbish, 80 or so for tourist resorts, and one for torturing political prisoners.

‘I see a human being’

Mauritius goes to bizarre lengths to classify people by ethnicity or religion, as Lindsey Collen explains.

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