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June 2005's Issue

This month the NI goes to Kenya in the company of nurse Nancy Wambui Thuku, one of the three million health workers from the Majority World who are currently staffing the rich world’s hospitals and nursing homes. She shows us why she decided to leave her homeland to work abroad and what effect this has on her and her family. She shows us what the money she sends home can do in a country beset by poverty, unemployment and AIDS. But she also ponders the effect on her country of losing key health workers by the thousand. Most debates on immigration focus on migrants at the point at which they enter countries of the richer world. `Should they be let in?’ Under what conditions should they be allowed to remain?’ Are the skills they bring the ones the host country needs?’ In this issue of NI we approach it the other way round, retracing Nancy’s steps back to sub-Saharan Africa, and to the heart of the story.

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Featured in issue 379


Nakedness, for dub poet Benjamin Zephaniah, is something akin to a state of absolute truth.

I Am A Bird Now

As an androgynous performance artist who sprang out of New York’s club scene, Antony (he lost the surname a long time ago) may seem an unlikely pretender to the tones of Nina Simone, the British-born singer is making an excellent go of it.


In Santiago, Chile, 1973, during the Allende Government, an élite fee-paying secondary school, run by priests, offers free education to boys from a nearby shanty town. The priests’ initiative, opposed by many parents, brings together very different worlds


SPEAKING to a crowd draped in red, Venezuela’s President, Hugo Chavez, entertains his faithful supporters with songs, witty banter and anti-US rhetoric during his weekly live television and radio address called Alo Presidente (Hello, Mr President).

The bushfires of affluence

Jeremy Seabrook uncovers his own roots in a now-lost industrial culture to track how the world has been dazzled and damaged by consumerism.

Interview with Dave Logie from Greenpeace Amazonas

‘It’s the Wild West,’ says Dave Logie, of Greenpeace Amazonas, talking about the dangers of confronting loggers and ranchers who are clearing the rainforest.

  • 1 Jun 2005
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The Gruesome Acts of Capitalism

A package of hard numbers encased in simple statements is all it takes in David Lester’s The Gruesome Acts of Capitalism to make a powerful agit-prop tool out of a small book. Like an unrelenting Michael Moore in print, the type is crudely designed to make

Polyp's Big Bad World – June 2005

Corporate responses to protest by Polyp.

Bolivia's next challenge to globalization

Presidency hangs in the balance as the country refuses to knuckle under to Big Oil

Disney rewrites Carib history

Disney rewrites Carib history.

Hell no, they won't go!

After the extraordinary intervention of students from a Glasgow high school, the deportation of a family of asylum seekers from Scotland to Kosovo was put on hold.

  • 1 Jun 2005
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Cotton worm turns

Will the US be forced to stop subsidizing cotton?

Honduras trade protests

On 3 March 2005, the Honduran Congress ratified the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) with the US, becoming the second country after El Salvador to do so.

The Vietnamese declare war on Agent Orange

This April marked the 30th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War. Yet the war is not over for an estimated two million Vietnamese whose exposure to Agent Orange (the nickname of a dioxin-laced herbicide) has been scientifically linked to a series of di

The crowning victory

The King of Nepal’s draconian crackdown.

The long goodbye

After years of self-censoring silence, Reem Haddad says goodbye to the Syrians.

What is to be done?

Brain-drain. Racism. Exploitation. Poverty. Inequality. Charting a path through the healthcare minefield.


Action contacts and resources.

We are sorry... We stole your daughter

Nancy helps repair a tradition that was damaged in her absence.

If... migrant workers left the rich world what would happen?

There are 86 million economically active migrant and immigrant workers, including refugees, in the world today. Nearly half of them are working in North America and Europe.


In Banana Hill much is expected of a nurse from abroad.

Stop being corrupt!

Kenya’s struggle with sleaze.

The Kikuyu cradle

A journey through the country’s troubled past to visit Nancy’s 90-year-old mother.

Acute Phase

Hospital visits reveal the brain-drain of nurses and a deepening crisis in Africa’s health provision. Who is to blame?


Kenya Profile Population: 33.5 million Total area: 582,646 square kilometres Life expectancy: 44 years


Introducing nurse Nancy Wambui Itotia, her dilemma – and her country’s. Vanessa Baird reports.

Hope FM

To Kenya with Nancy to see what she has left behind – and the effect that the money she sends home has on her family.

The Neocons

George W Bush goes for broke with his neocon appointees to the World Bank, the UN and UNICEF.

  • 1 Jun 2005
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100 Myths About the Middle East

100 Myths About the Middle East by Fred Halliday

Arindam Mukherjee

The heartbreak of a woman from Tamil Nadu, India, who lost her granddaughter to the tsunami, photographed by Arindam Mukherjee.

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The Rio+20 earth summit (Issue 453)

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