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We are already enslaved to a dazzling new ‘global’ economy - but where on earth is ‘globalization’ taking us? What’s the difference between it and ‘One World’? The answer reveals some familiar faces - transnational corporations and big banks among them - hiding old-fashioned, naked self-interest behind a load of globaloney. If there were no alternatives to this then we’d surely have to invent them. But there are, if we only care to look. New Internationalist listens to the people who are doing just that.

November 1997, Issue 296

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George Monbiot
“People these days crave information that helps them to make sense of the world and the New Internationalist does that brilliantly.”
John Pilger
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Emma Thompson
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Desmond Tutu
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Globalization - an alternative view
David Ransom shows that there is another way to see the world.
Roots to shoots
Peeling the onion to reveal the options.
Dancing in the snow
Why dockworkers in Liverpool have taken to flying. Anne-Marie Sweeney reports on a remarkable community.
Just do it!
National governments do have a choice, says Richard Swift.
The crunch of history, now
Interview with Clare Short, a Cabinet Minister in the British Labour government.
Smart citizens
Carl Vogel looks at how people in th US are changing the regions where they live.
Green Gotham
The Big Apple, as tasted by Tooker Gomberg and Angela Bischoff.
Reform and transformation
The citizens of the South want more than crumbs of comfort, insists Jeremy Seabrook.
More powerful than guns
Nicholas Faraclas reports from Papua New Guinea on the diversity and resilience of traditional cultures.
What if Jesus came back?
A very short story from Melanesia.
Reclaim your street!
How to make the most of your local economy - a guide, by Ed Mayo.
Trevor Turner wonders why we bother to travel if we discover nothing new.
Stories in the news this month.
The NI Interview with Gene Sharp
Noreen Shanahan talks with a theorist of nonviolence and finds his pacifism far from passive.
Film, music and book reviews, plus a Miguel Littin classic.
By Mari Marcel Thekaekara.