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November 1989, Issue 201

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Pride and prejudice
Vanessa Baird clarifies some of the muddled thinking that has blighted the lives of lesbians and gays for centuries.
Sodom revisited
The Biblical story told in full by Bishop John Shelby Spong.
Do you need treatment?
A chance for heterosexuals to occupy the psychiatrist's couch.
Natural gestures
How women get together in Nigeria. A personal view by Buchi Emecheta
Sexual politics
Why do politicians oppress lesbians and gays? Jeffrey Weeks explains.
On the terrace
Dinyar Godrej recalls a gay party in Bombay.
Fear and loathing
The psychological roots of hostility - revealed by Dennis Altman.
Condom cabaret in Bangkok
Singing and dancing against AIDS. Mark Timm reports from Thailand.
Parent of a gay son
A mother's story - told by a member of the Manchester Parents' Group.
How to combat prejudice.
What your dreams make you
Rae Trewartha examines how traditional cultures have treated lesbians and gays.
The latest news from around the world.
Country Profile
Mongolian People's Republic.
Films, books and music this month.
By Elizabeth Sourbut.