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Let us hope

Hope was a key word in the campaign of newly elected US President Barack Obama. Americans and citizens around the world were stirred by Obama’s oratorical prowess and his vision of change. Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano is optimistic.

The Fire Inside

Women who love women still leads to suicide pacts in India, often burning themselves to death. But in the wake of a groundbreaking film, lesbians are asserting themselves more – and seeing some encouraging signs of change, as Nick Harvey reports.

Queer India

Nick Harvey explains the background on gay rights – and then talks to lesbian activists about a cause that is beginning to catch fire.

Cambodia: Year Zero on trial

What can be wrong with putting five notorious Khmer Rouge leaders on trial? Plenty, argues lawyer Brooks Duncan, as he examines the nature of the long-awaited, and foreign-funded, trials currently underway.

Soundbites - Atiq Rahman

While Hurricane Gustav swirled through the front pages of our media, the hundreds of deaths caused by extreme winds in the last month around the Caribbean and in Asia rated barely a mention.

  • September 12, 2008
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Technofixes: climate solution or corporate scam?

Science is coming up with ever more extraordinary proposals for combating climate change, from laying white plastic over deserts to locking up carbon dioxide in the oceans or shooting it into space. Should we take any of this seriously?

Hello Dalai!

Regular NI contributor Anna Chen casts the second Stone.

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Independence Day + 1

Mari Marcel Thekaekara reflects on the state of the Indian nation in middle age.

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Tigers or Neutrinos

A huge new scientific experiment plans to go looking for tiny particles in the middle of India’s oldest Biosphere Reserve, moving mountains of rock and earth as it goes. Tarsh Thekaekara has his doubts about what is being done in the name of pure science.

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As if _poetry_ mattered

Poems that confront human challenges – an international selection.

  • July 31, 2008
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