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Boon or burden?

Some call it ‘live aid’. Some call it ‘dead aid’. The debate is raging. Vanessa Baird and Jonathan Glennie tell the story so far…

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The case for real aid

Jonathan Glennie takes on both the aid optimists and the pessimists.

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Jungle orphans

Nick Harvey reports on the position of the Hmong – both inside Laos and the bleak refugee camps of Thailand.

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Dark Days for Burma

Teashop gossip and the ‘generous’ Generals: Burma is again in the international spotlight following the extension of Aung San Suu Kyi’s home detention. Alex Lewis reports.

‘It’s not who’s voting, it’s who’s counting’

Malalai Joya was one of the first women to be elected to Afghanistan’s parliament. In the run-up to the 20 August elections, Joya speaks openly to journalist Lucinda Dunn.

Suave criminal

Why are we all being criminalized? From media reports you’d think we were the most educationally-backward, pissed, pregnant, clap-ridden nation of crooks and delinquents in Europe.

Kashmir’s Kan-i-jung: Cry for Freedom

In the strife-torn valley of India-controlled Kashmir, the decades-long conflict continues to take its toll, especially on its young. Dilnaz Boga has met some of them.

Are Colombians really that happy?

Yes, according to the latest Happy Planet Index. Rachel Godfrey Wood considers the evidence.

Less talk, more wind!

Wind power workers are blowing up a storm, discovers Danny Chivers.

Life without the car

Chris Richards goes cold turkey in her umpteenth attempt to do without her car – and fumes about the structure of modern life that makes the task so hard.

Climate radio

Jess Worth talks about the NI magazine on the Arctic with Climate Radio.

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