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The poverty of America

The disaster in New Orleans shows the US poor to be a world apart, believes Jeremy Seabrook.

Filed in: Disasters, Poverty and United States

A world wide web of change

The fundamentals of digital activism are little different from its analogue ancestry, argues Adam Ma’anit

The other coke in Colombia

Lissa Rees reports on the call for a boycott of Coca Cola in response to the mistreatment of workers in its bottling plants.

Mean machine

Danny Dorling explains how class divisions reinforce social inequality and lower the level of public debate.

Filed in: Equality

Inequality costs the earth

Greater equality, both between and within nations, would be better for us all - as well as for the planet. Bob Hughes considers the facts.

Filed in: Equality

Murderers, you are welcome!

Jean Baptiste Kayigamba, who lost most of his family in the Rwandan genocide, wonders why Britain and France are harbouring the major perpetrators and whether recent legal changes will make a difference.

Ethiopia’s endangered democracy

With elections fast approaching, Nick Hunt exposes how Meles Zenawi’s Government has turned its back on its people.

A soldier’s story

Gopal Mitra experienced the violence and tragedy of Kashmir firsthand, but is hopeful of a peaceful future, as Jeremy Seabrook discovers.

The fall of King Tuna

The fate of our favourite fish hangs in the balance. Sara Holden and Greg McNevin explain what needs to be done to give it, and countless other ocean dwellers, a fighting chance.

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