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Three reasons why the Paris climate talks should put the migrant crisis at the top of its agenda

The negotiations should consider the migrant crisis, argues Chris Spannos.

Filed in: Climate Change, Environment, Migration and Sustainability

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I am what I am

Eight people from across the world share their transgender experience.

Filed in: Sexual Politics and Society

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‘The earth in Indonesia is on fire’

Nithin Coca looks at the causes of an unfolding environmental and health catastrophe.

Filed in: Agriculture, Corporations, Disasters, Environment, Forests and Indonesia

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Staying alive

Visibility offers no protection for trans people in Brazil. Amanda Palha analyses the roots of violence and exclusion faced by her community – and its fight to stay alive.

Filed in: Brazil, Gay Rights, Human Rights and Society


Low-intensity warfare, high-intensity death

Loretta van der Horst takes a look behind El Salvador’s new Iron Fist approach.

Filed in: El Salvador and Violence


The tiny Lebanese village taking more refugees than Britain

One small village hosts 5,000 Syrians, outstripping Britain’s pledge for a year. Michaela Whitton reports.

Filed in: Lebanon and Refugees

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Transgender – the facts

This New Internationalist fact spread looks at the violence and discrimination that trans people face.

Filed in: Equality, Gay Rights, Sexual Politics and Society


A Mars bar from Tommy Chocolate

How is money – and debt – created? The answer, says Peter Stalker, may surprise you.

Filed in: Economics, Finance and Trade

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Where the children lead

Marti Abernathey picks a way through the panic, confusion and maltreatment that surrounds transgender children.

Filed in: Sexual Politics


Deaths in British police custody

Will British Home Secretary Theresa May’s inquiry end the culture of impunity? asks Dan Glazebrook.

Filed in: Equality, Law, Race and Society


Bethlehem Aida camp under siege

West Bank tensions escalate as Palestinian refugees mourn the murder of a young boy, Lydia Noon reports.

Filed in: Human Rights, Israel, Palestine and Refugees

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