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Thumb for Saharawi boy

A story of waiting

As Western Sahara marks 40 years of occupation, Dominik Sipiński listens to refugees tired of broken promises and dreams.

Filed in: Activism, Morocco and Western Sahara

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Still biting

Big Oil’s history of denial, delay and distortion is laid bare by Greg Muttitt.

Filed in: Climate Change, Corporations, Energy and Oil

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China's climate transition

Is the world’s most populous country a climate villain or an environmental leader? Sam Geall investigates.

Filed in: China, Climate Change, Politics and Pollution


Nepalese stuck between petrol and politics

Post-earthquake, Nepal is now suffering from massive petroleum shortages. Emily Korstanje provides this photo report.

Filed in: India and Nepal

Thumb for Philippines negotiator Yeb Saño

Views from inside the climate talks

Activist experiences of previous UN climate talks, from New Internationalist’s November magazine.

Filed in: Activism, Climate Change and Politics

Thumb for Stop sign and poppy

The Left should embrace degrowth

Giorgos Kallis explains why we should all be living ‘the degrowth way’.

Filed in: Economics, Political Theory, Politics and Sustainability


Lampedusa – battered by the winds, gasping for air

Antoine Cassar describes the solidarity and suffocation experienced on the Mediterranean island.

Filed in: Italy and Migration

Thumb for First Nations activist confronts oil rig

Forget Paris?

While politicians drag their feet at climate summits, Jess Worth and Danny Chivers find hope in unexpected places.

Filed in: Climate Change, France, Politics and Sustainability


Asylum seekers squat empty buildings while waiting for Netherlands approval

The northwestern European country expects to take more refugees but important questions remain, reports Lyn Drummond.

Filed in: Refugees

Thumb for AnnPeggyPride2007 131-_opt_opt.jpg


A collection of pro trans organizations, websites, support groups, books, movies and more, from New Internationalist’s October magazine.

Filed in: Sexual Politics and Society

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Minorities report

Burma’s elections this November will be closely contested - but will the country’s ethnic minorities finally be heard? Tina Burrett reports.

Filed in: Burma and Politics

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