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Chinese Mongolian ‘Björk’ steps into Tibet controversy

Maldito Tango

This collection of prowling, lunfardo slang-inflected songs concentrates on an imagined lowlife of Buenos Aires.

Virtual Leisure

The début album from the Israeli-born, London-based performance artist Anat Ben-David, is based on a grim paradox, leisure doesn’t exist – it’s virtual

Mr Love & Justice

Bragg tempers the unfashionable humanity of his songs with a sad acknowledgement of current realities.

Mariza Box

For anyone interested in the past, present and future of this uniquely Portuguese melancholy, the Mariza Box is a handsome object containing Mariza’s three solo albums.

The Boy Bands Have Won

A yowl of fury against the Pop Idol-type mediocrity that seems so often to fuel cultural commerce these days.

Daniel Variations

Steve Reich’s tribute to murdered journalist Daniel Pearl

African Scream Contest

African Scream Contest: A cornucopia of Afro-trance music.

The Bairns

Out of Britain’s blustery Northumbria comes Rachel Unthank and her Winterset trio.

Kül & Ashes

Beautiful music from trained earthquake engineers

Import Export à la Turka

Turkish sounds from Germany

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