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Israeli filmmaker Yoav Shamir challenges the idea that there is a ‘new anti-Semitism’.

Episode 3 - 'Enjoy Poverty'

A gritty, uncomfortable offering from Renzo Martens that brought outraged responses from some of the NGO and media people in the audience.

Orgasm Inc

US documentary-maker Liz Canner takes on Big Pharma over the creation and marketing of a disease called ‘female sexual dysfunction’.

Black Wave – the legacy of the Exxon Valdez

This film documents the corporate chicanery and disinformation that has followed since the Exxon tanker dumped millions of gallons of crude oil into Alaska’s pristine Prince William Sound.

Burma VJ – reporting from a closed country

This is the story of ‘Joshua’, an underground video journalist. By Anders Ostergaard

Sounds Like Teen Spirit

Directed by Jamie J Johnson, yes, it is about Eurovision, and many of the songs are appalling, but what comes over is the solidarity between the contestants, and how un-egotistical they are.


More than a sports film: Sugar explores the American Dream, competitiveness and simple human values.

Our Seeds: Seeds Blong Yumi

This is a rallying cry that shows the way in which people in many parts of the world are resisting seed privatization through actions big and small.

Ahlaam (Dreams)

This is the first Iraqi film about the American-led invasion. Written and directed by Mohamed Al-Daradji.

Tony Manero

The late 1970s. A kitsch television show is looking for a Tony Manero impersonator. Tony who? Horribly, wonderfully real, and incredibly repulsive.

Modern Life

Respectful, real and engrossing: Modern Life in rural France.

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