New Internationalist

Our Daily Bread

Issue 408

directed by Nicolaus Geyrhalter

Meat is carefully packaged these days to be as lacking in gore, as little like dead animal, as possible. This eye-opening, often horrifying, documentary has no commentary whatsoever. It simply shows industrialized food production and its subordination of the human and the animal to efficiency.

A woman with a bucket walks through a huge shed, thronging with hundreds of thousands, industrialized food production and its subordination of the heven millions, of chickens. She collects the dead ones. A machine with brushes moves through a similar unit sweeping up the chickens for dispatch to the killing shed. Huge beef cows are funnelled, collared, killed and strung up with little human involvement. This is restrained, objective and chilling – much more powerful than Linklater and Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation released last year.

Malcolm Lewis

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