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Fahrenheit 9/11

Issue 371
Stumped: Moore asks a congressman whether he would send his son or daughter to fight in Iraq.

Moore wants to stop George W Bush’s re-election. And who would vote for the stupid, sneaky, sneering, swaggering adolescent we see in this film? Moore’s easy style always allows people to be themselves – including his victims. Here he brilliantly uses archive footage, much of it of Dubya before and after formal interviews, to let Bush condemn himself.

Dubya is hardly at work, and when he is, he’s working for the ‘haves and have mores’, ‘his base’ as he puts it. Moore focuses on the US’s exploitation of the working class and its ethnic minorities. Yet his is an exclusively American view and he crudely mocks the other coalition countries – a dope smoker represents the Netherlands; Dracula, Romania.

Moore is a patriot, and he’s made this for Americans, to shake them awake. It has – like no other in 20 years. And audiences outside America are applauding.

Malcolm Lewis

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