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The Riddle of Qaf

The Riddle of Qaf is crammed with allusions to classical literature and cod-scientific theories and it makes free (and unapologetic) use of myths and legends.

Dancing, dying, crawling, crying

Stories of continuity and change in the Polynesian community of Tikopia by Julian Treadaway

In Defense of Lost Causes

Superstar philosopher Slavoj Zizek writes in defence of lost causes

Children of the Revolution

This is a book that highlights how people caught in between places are denied identity, perspective and intimacy.

The Hangman's Game

Karen King-Aribisala’s debut novel, a dark and brooding meditation on the stories we tell and the effect they have on everyday life

Body Shopping: The Economy Fuelled by Flesh and Blood

Donna Dickensen’s fascinating overview of the complex world of medical ethics

Anarchy Alive!

Gordon is well-grounded in both anarchist theory and as an activist in Britain and his own country, Israel. He provides a useful examination of the movement in many ways at the heart of the resistance to contemporary war and globalization.


The simple – and brilliant – premise of Khaled Al Khamissi’s Taxi is to bring together 58 short fictional dialogues with some of Cairo’s 80,000 cab drivers, drawn from his own extensive experience of taxi journeys through this polluted, turbulent city.

My Grandmother – A memoir

Every family has its secrets. So does every nation. But Turkey’s official secret remains extraordinarily potent because public references to the massive event that occurred 93 years ago are forbidden.

Beijing Coma

Ma Jian has undertaken his most ambitious project yet; a sweeping panorama of China in the years before and after the Tiananmen Square massacre of 4 June 1989.

Bloodshot Monochrome

A new collection of poems by one of Britain’s most significant poets

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