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Interview with Semantics King Jr

Semantics King Jr – keeping the flame of independent media alive in a camp for Liberian refugees.

Interview with Lalo Moreyra

and local environmentalists causing an international stir in Latin America.

Interview with Irene Fernandez

Interview with Irene Fernandez – defender of Malaysia’s migrant workers and winner of an ‘alternative Nobel Prize’.

Interview with Aram Aharonian, Director General of teleSUR

The newly launched Latin American TV channel, teleSur, is offering a distinctive Southern perspective on the news – and is already causing consternation in the US Congress as a result. Meet its Director General, Aram Aharonian.

Filed in: Venezuela

Interview with Israel's Refuseniks

Three of Israel’s refuseniks – Haggai Matar, Adam Maor, Matan Kaminer – explain why they could not serve in the army.

Filed in: Activism, Israel, Palestine and Peace

Interview with Olava

Homophobia is still so strong in Indian society that Shaina, from the Organized Lesbian Alliance for Visibility and Action (OLAVA), does not want to give her real name.

Filed in: Gay Rights and India

Interview with Diego Rozengardt about a new generation of political activists in Argentina

Diego Rozengardt is part of a new generation of political activists in Argentina – they are known as Generación Cromañón, after a notorious nightclub fire.

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Zenilda da Silva Vilacio

Janet Smith visits a determined indigenous woman fighting for the rights of women and of her people in the Brazilian Amazon.

Filed in: Activism, Brazil, Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples, Minorities and Women

Interview with Annie Kajir about stopping international logging in Papua New Guinea's rainforests

Annie Kajir – the lawyer who won’t be scared off by the robber barons of Papua New Guinea’s timber industry.

The Rescue Foundation

India’s brothels are full of young girls who serve as sex slaves. The Rescue Founwdation tries to liberate them.

  • August 14, 2006
  • 6

Interview with Marie Hilao-Enriquez

A life spent in pursuit of human rights: Philippine campaigner Marie Hilao-Enriquez.

Filed in: Human Rights and Philippines

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