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Indian Community Welfare Organization

on confronting HIV and AIDS in south India

Interview with Brian McLaren

on the need for Christians to engage with the real world

Interview with Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva, Indian environmentalist extraordinaire, on her new movement challenging supermarkets

Tunisian Association Against AIDS

The work against the odds of activists in the Tunisian Association Against AIDS

Masih Alinejad

How Masih Alinejad is paying the price for confronting Iran’s leaders

Mahboubeh Hossein Zadeh

A letter from inside prison by Iranian women’s rights campaigner Mahboubeh Hossein Zadeh.

  • September 14, 2007
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Interview with Sheela Patel

Interview with Indian homeless campaigner Sheela Patel.

Interview with Vandana Gopikumar

Mental illness is still taboo in India, and many women end up shunned and destitute as a result. But Vandana Gopikumar has been pioneering ways of reaching out to them.

Interview with Sharla Musabih as she builds the City of Hope

Battered women of all nationalities in the United Arab Emirates used to have no refuge. But Sharla Musabih has been putting that right.

Interview with Hernando Hernandez Tapasco about surviving as an activist in war-torn Colombia

Being a human rights activist in Colombia can be murder, but that hasn’t stopped Hernando Hernandez Tapasco.

Interview with Semantics King Jr

Semantics King Jr – keeping the flame of independent media alive in a camp for Liberian refugees.

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