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Interview with Al-Muajaha: the Iraqi Witness

The staff of Al-Muajaha, Iraq’s only independent newspaper, bear witness.

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Interview with the Association of Iranian Blogwriters (Penlog)

Iranian webloggers are in prison as part of a general clampdown on internet dissent. But Jay Bakht of the Association of Iranian Blogwriters is hitting back.

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Interview with Zvakwana

Enough is enough! The Zvakwana campaign is leading the charge for change in Zimbabwe.

Filed in: Activism, Human Rights, Media and Zimbabwe

Interview with Debra Harry and the Indigenous Peoples Council on Biocolonialism

Debra Harry and the Indigenous Peoples Council on Biocolonialism.

Filed in: Indigenous Peoples and United States

PV Rajagopal: India's mass mobilizer

PV Rajagopal seeks a return to Ghandian values and wonders what happened to his country.

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Burundian peace worker Pascaline Nsekera

Working for peace: Burundian Pascaline Nsekera helps refugees in Canada, her adopted country.

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Durga Sob: Nepal’s trailblazing Dalit feminist

Durga Sob, founder of the Feminist Dalit Organization, is fighting discrimination in Nepal.

Somaly Mam

Somaly Mam has experienced the horrors of sexual slavery. She is now fighting to ensure other young women don’t.

Maryam Bibi

Empowering girls and women in Pakistan

Davi Kopenawa

Yanomami community under threat

Helen Gray

Female de-miners in Mozambique

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