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Worlds of words

The power of proverbs, by Reem Haddad.

Torn in two

When a Peruvian woman's children were kidnapped by their Lebanese father, Reem Haddad was asked to intervene.

A taste for commerce

Letter from Lebanon – how a woman in the Bekaa Valley started producing fine wine, by Reem Haddad.

An honourable marriage

Reem Haddad on how Hizbullah women stand by wounded resistance fighters.

The ring of security

How refugees rejected by banks are going it alone, by Reem Haddad.

A test of wills

Explosions rock Beirut, prompting in Reem Haddad fears of the bad old days of civil war.

Breaking silence

Arab women have suddenly started appearing on reality TV, to Reem Haddad’s surprise.

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Message of War

Reem Haddad uncovers Ariel Sharon’s brutal past in Letter from Lebanon.

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