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Living theatre

Patience is running thin and tempers are flaring in Maria Golia’s apartment block.

Playroom of the Gulf

Letter from Lebanon The country has become a playroom for ‘Gulfies’, as Reem Haddad explains.

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What love’s got to do with it

Maria Golia on conflicting loves in Cairo

The pen is messier than the sword

Maria Golia explains why the pen is messier than the sword in her Letter from Cairo.

A hold-up at the bank

Maria Golia tackles taboos about money in Cairo.

Ropes in the water

In her last Letter from Mauritius, Lindsey Collen finds trouble beneath the surface of a picture-perfect scene.

A world apart

Maria Golia gets a glimpse of Egypt’s high society in Letter from Cairo.

Martyr in the making

A Hizbullah martyr in the making talks to Reem Haddad.

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When memory is a village

In her Letter from Lebanon, Reem Haddad meets the man who has recreated every detail of his lost Palestinian village.

Quest for Attidel

Reem Haddad’s Letter from Lebanon.

Salman’s struggle

Reem Haddad’s Letter from Lebanon

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