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Losing the edge

Perceptions of efficiency – and cleanliness – can differ, Maria Golia discovers.

Permission denied

Maria Golia recalls why part of her Egyptian education involved learning how to break the rules.

Wealth in abundance

Make do and mend’ is a time-honoured Egyptian talent, discovers Maria Golia.

Turning Japanese

Maria Golia recalls a moment of cultural confusion.

Shake and sway

Maria Golia ponders Egypt’s attitude towards sexuality.

Making room

Even when the odds are stacked against them, Maria Golia observes her neighbour’s family taking life as it comes.

Friday fracas

Maria Golia goes into battle for the underdog – and then wonders just what she has done.

No place like home

Cairo’s poor show a peculiar brand of camaraderie.

Manners and the man

In the damp, dark winter, Maria Golia finds cold comfort in a pharmacy queue.

The lightest touch

From brandished bottoms to a difficult death, Maria Golia plays nurse for her neighbours.

Living theatre

Patience is running thin and tempers are flaring in Maria Golia’s apartment block.

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