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Beach of dreams

Reem Haddad is thoroughly sick of profit-hungry politicians in her Letter from Lebanon.

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Taking the veil

Why educated women are deciding to take the veil, by Reem Haddad.

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Asdghig's long march

Tribute to a survivor of the Armenian genocide, by Reem Haddad.

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Speaking in tongues

Faced with her daughter’s pioneering of a new language built from Arabic, French and English, Reem Haddad tears her hair out.

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Letter from Cairo

Maria Golia meets the man with the eyes of a caged god.

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Dear departed

Reem Haddad remembers the man seen by many as the father of the nation.

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Running out of lies

Letter from Lebanon Special

  • July 29, 2010
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The Neighbourhood

Letter from Mauritius

Handle with care

Returning to Cairo after some time away, Maria Golia is waylaid in the labyrinth of a cargo warehouse.

The soaring call

Maria Golia recalls a transcendent moment amid the clamour of Cairo.

A face for today

Maria Golia feels she’s getting old, while the city around her is ‘getting new’.

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