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Khaled Hasan

Khaled Hasan captures life working in Bangladesh’s brickfields.

Shahadat Parvez

A Bangladeshi boy is inspired by a French footballer in Shahadat Parvez’s photograph.

Abdul Rahman Roslan

A haunting and sensitive glimpse into a Malaysian orphanage by photographer Abdul Rahman Roslan.

Djibril Sy

A queue for gas, captured by Senegalese photographer Djibril Sy.

  • March 26, 2009
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Tatiana Cardeal

Brazilian photographer Tatiana Cardeal on Kayapó body painting.

Ernesto Fernandez

Photographer Ernesto Fernandez recalls the dawn of a new age as Cuba celebrates the 50th anniversary of its revolution.

Aida Muluneh

Circus antics captured by Ethiopian photographer Aida Muluneh.

Earthworks 2008 cartoon competition

Earthworks 2008: highlighting cartoonists from the global South taking part in the Biennial Ken Sprague competition.

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  • September 30, 2008
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River Bleeds Black

Bangladeshi photographer Shehzad Noorani exposes the damage done to the Buriganga River.

Selvaprakash L

Blue eyes in a Bangalore stone quarry captured by photographer Selvaprakash L.

Kian Amani

Acrobatic extravagance in Tehran, as seen by Iranian photographer Kian Amani.

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