New Internationalist

The TAFOS project

Issue 347

The TAFOS project organized a network of grassroots photographers in Peru. Farmers, miners, members of ethnic communities, a diverse group whose view of the world is rarely recorded by photographs, produced an extraordinary collection of powerful images through TAFOS cameras, largely though not exclusively from Peru. Top: ‘Campesino and radio’ by Melquiades Ramos.

Centre left: ‘Campesina from Yanaoca signing the Activities Book of her community’ by Juan de Dios Choquepuma.

Centre right: ‘Police putting down a “March for Life” by feminist organizations in Lima’ by Rosa Villafuerte.

Bottom left: ‘Preparing for confirmation, Mexico’ by Pilar Gonzales.

Bottom right: ‘A project for street kids in Lima’ by Annie Bungeroth.

Courtesy Panos Pictures,

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