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In greed we trust

Greed is good, they say – it is the motor that drives economic growth and human progress. John F Schumaker begs to differ.

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In the shadow of the torturer

Jeremy Seabrook draws an unholy line from the obscene imagery of Abu Ghraib to the growing repression in Bangladesh.

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Master of the moment

A tribute to the great French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson by Indian writer Sadanand Menon.

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‘They all have to go’

Argentina may have fallen into an abyss, but Benjamin Blackwell finds the people still alive and kicking.

Rogue superpower

David Ransom fears we may be sleepwalking towards nuclear war.

Muzzling the media

Human-rights lawyer Vanessa von Struensee investigates a mysterious murder in Ukraine.

Loving my land, dying inside

Loving my land, dying inside Poems on Malaysia by Anushka Anastasia Solomon.

Railway to the top of the world

Impressive engineering, but Erling Hoh fears the new link with China could spell the end of Tibet.

Filed in: China, Tibet and Transport

The bushfires of affluence

Jeremy Seabrook uncovers his own roots in a now-lost industrial culture to track how the world has been dazzled and damaged by consumerism.

Blenheim & Bangalore

The relationship between English aristocrats and impoverished Indian farmers is all too evident to Rahul Rao.

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