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This is written by a man who knows the parts of Africa he writes of better than almost any other western author. [...]Before packing their bags for Africa, development workers, charity workers, diplomats, journalists and travellers should read Hudson's account of his undertaking in West Africa and then ponder their own motives and mission.
Alec Russell, Financial Times journalist and author of After Mandela

He writes with a freshness and a lack of artifice that is beyond the pretence of most travel writing - as if he, and we, were seeing the world entirely afresh. The result is quietly wonderful.
Roger Crowley, author of Constantinople and Empires of the Sea

The Sahel – the ‘shore’ of the Sahara – is where cultures, customs and climates meet, merge and clash. Through the numerous characters we meet and from the obviously deep and sympathetic nature of the relationship the author has with the local people, with whom he now runs agricultural projects, we learn of the realities of life in one of the harshest, most marginalized and but also quietly inspiring corners of the world.

Searingly honest and refreshing, this is a superbly written piece of travel writing about a little-known part of the world. The author gets under the surface and gives a sensitive account of what life is like. He understands not just the culture and complex social dealings but also how economics and geo-political forces that can profoundly affect the lives of individuals in a remote community.

Illustrated with maps and line drawings Under An African Sky is a unique journey – for the armchair traveller and those interested in development, climate change and global politics and economics.

About the Author

Peter Hudson travels widely in West Africa and has written several books about his experiences there, including Leaf in the Wind, Travels in Mauritania and Two Rivers.

ISBN-13: 9781780261782
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 218 mm x 138 mm
Page extent: 240

Date added: March 12, 2014

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