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Ever since T-shirt-wearing James Dean appeared in Rebel without a Cause, this little piece of clothing has become the most ubiquitous cotton item – worn by the whole world, from celebrities to kids in the poorest villages in Africa.

Whether you are talking Gap plain, Nike branded, Che Guevara iconic or anti capitalist slogan-bearing there’s no escaping the T-shirt. This is a whistlestop tour taking in the T-shirt’s first outing under the uniforms of the American soldiers in WWI; slavery and cotton mills, fair trade and ‘smart’ Ts of the future.

The Trigger Issues series presents single objects that have had far-reaching impact on the modern world. Each item is explored through its effects on society and often surprising cultural connections. Exposing topical items in a new light these are short, sharp and provocative booklets.

Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 174 x 124mm
Page extent: 96 pages
Publication date: September 2007 (UK), June 2008 (US)
ISBN-13: 978-1-904456-78-0

Date added: September 18, 2007

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