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PODCAST: Dinyar Godrej and Iris Gonzales on housing

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Housing is either a site of insatiable appetite and consumption, or one of endless insecurity.

April’s New Internationalist magazine explores the state of shelter beyond the speculation and scandal of the property market.

In this episode of the New Internationalist podcast co-editor Dinyar Godrej talks about the causes of the global housing crisis, ‘generation rent’ and a worldwide wave of homelessness, as we rethink the dream of property ownership.

From the Philippines Iris Gonzales discusses the forced, and often violent, evictions of the residents of informal settlements. She explains what can happen to these displaced communities once they are removed, and how people are taking direct action for better housing rights.

The New Internationalist podcast is produced by Amy Hall.
Thanks to Water Pageant for the music used in this podcast. Find out more about the band on their MySpace page. Their new album, Sightlings is out now.


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