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Patriarchy’s unlikely victims

Is the system equally damaging to both men and women? Amit Singh thinks so.

Thumb for Weapons for sale at the DSEI arms fair

Why has our government relaxed the criteria for granting arms exports?

Edward Robinson on how Britain has traded morals for money.

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‘Afghan women keep the business of life going’

As the London Conference on Afghanistan starts, Zulaikha Rafiq explains why women’s rights must be high on the agenda.

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Burma’s ‘transition’ leaves women's rights behind

David Baulk looks at sexual violence and development in Burma’s ethnic communities.

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Carbon bubbles in the boardroom

The fossil fuel divestment movement is taking the world by storm – and has had some major victories.

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No justice for the dead

Five years after a massacre in the Philippines, the country’s ‘culture of impunity’ prevails. Iris Gonzales reports.

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Power in private hands

Why are we pushing other countries to follow Britain’s example when so many are dying from fuel poverty?

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Ebola – undoing HIV progress in Sierra Leone

Tomi Ajayi looks at the outbreak’s devastating impact on the country’s HIV treatment programme.

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Climate caravan message hits home

Change the system, acknowledge responsibility, activists declare. Jarred Sferruzzi witnesses the end of an epic journey.

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Where does wealth come from?

Michael Roscoe examines what gives money its value.

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Even in difficult times, we can still be happy...

The end of growth doesn’t have to mean the end of prosperity, argues Michael Roscoe.

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