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Facebook is the enemy

Mojtaba Alef on Iran’s continuing internet censorship. 

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10 signs that climate change success is coming

A remarkable month for tackling global climate change is about to get even better, writes Joe Ware.


The Japanese doll’s house

Tina Burrett takes a look at the country’s entrenched gender roles.

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Football under Occupation

FIFA has so far failed to deliver justice to Palestinian footballers, writes Sophia Akram.

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Connecting to the world through psychedelic drugs

Stephen Reid makes the case for a life-changing trip.

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Namaste from Nepal

Among cordoned-off temples and traumatized shopkeepers, Iris Gonzales finds Nepal’s spirit intact.

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The great TTIP debate that never was

Nick Dearden explains how the pro-TTIP camp blocked a key vote in Strasbourg out of fear they were going to lose.

Unspeakable horrors, unbreakable bonds

Unspeakable horrors, unbreakable bonds

Dilnaz Boga meets two women whose friendship flourished in India’s jails.

Who is Geert Wilders?

Who is Geert Wilders?

Beulah Devaney wonders if the politician is a racist extremist, passionate advocate for freedom or spoilt child.

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Building hope in times of crisis

Fanny Malinen talks to Greeks looking to solidarity, not charity, for a brighter future.

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Why it’s time to drop oil from our arts and culture

Chris Garrard highlights problems with Shell’s sponsorship of the British Science Museum.

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