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Venezuela’s food revolution

The country has fought off big agribusiness and promoted agroecology, explains Nick Dearden.

London climate march

Stop Aviation, Stop Co2lonialism

Aviation is a continued pattern of privilege for the very few at the expense of the many, argues Plane Stupid.

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David Bowie and me

How the artist helped to change Chris Brazier’s life.

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Insane Keystone XL lawsuit illustrates ticking time bomb trade deals

Trade and investment policy can no longer continue to undermine a sustainable future, argues Sam Cossar-Gilbert.


Reflections at the start of the year

One always hopes for the best, Mari Marcel Thekaekara writes looking toward 2016.


Brazil, don't panic. Capitalism has an unfixable bug

Capitalism is falling across the globe, not just in the South American country, argues Bruno De Oliveira.

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Colombia’s peace requires disarming manhood, not just men

Realizing peace means tackling the structural dimensions of different sources of violence, argues Leonardo Goi.

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Last year's top stories make splash in 2016

A rundown of New Internationalist’s most popular web articles from 2015.

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Freedom and football

In a letter to a friend, Antoine Cassar relives a visit to a detention centre in Luxembourg.


Keystrokes in the West may mean a death sentence in Saudi Arabia

Chris Spannos on the dangers of going online in the land of Al Saud.

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Are we going to sit back and wait for the next mine waste disaster?

Following a recent tragedy in Brazil, Jennifer Krill wonders when environmental laws are going to be enforced.

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