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Catholic nun barred, a step backward for women’s freedom

It’s an almost funny story, if it didn’t have a twist in the tale, writes Mari Marcel Thekaekara.


Modern life and medicine

Can our ancestral medical progress keep up with modern life? Naomi Elster asks.

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What the hack?

The recent Hacking Team leak illustrates the hypocrisy at the heart of the arms trade, writes Andrew Smith.


Blacklisted author on trial – no justice

Construction industry leaders get off scot-free while conspiracy against workers continues, writes Dan Raymond-Barker.

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Fracking goes on trial

News of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal is an important step toward truth, argues Julie Wassmer.

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The ‘world’s pharmacy’ is failing its own

Why is India undermining its reputation by providing shoddy drugs to Indians? asks Mari Marcel Thekaekara.

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Citizen-led initiatives support earthquake survivors

Though no longer in the headlines, Nepal still needs help, writes Iris Gonzales.

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Don’t ‘beautify’ Nairobi just for Barack!

In the run-up to Obama’s visit, is Kenya sweeping its poverty under the carpet? Moses Wasamu reports.


Greece and European unity

This month the Tax Justice Network looks at how Greece ended up with more austerity despite a popular ‘No’ vote against it.

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The failed politics of appeasing China

Nithin Coca warns against offering the country a second chance at the Olympics.

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Even a stopped clock is right twice a day

Independent Living carries a legacy worth defending, argues Andy Greene.

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