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We need to stand with small island states

Climate change rocks small island states, writes Hannah Fair.

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Islamic State and the destruction of Iraq’s historical heritage

The Islamist organization’s wanton annihilation of Iraq’s history is a shock ploy.

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‘Homeopathy is rubbish,’ says new report. Really now?

Mari Marcel Thekaekara takes a pop at the pompous know-it-alls and arrogant allopathic shamans.

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Fancy footwork for peace

Ending conflict in Colombia is an intricate game – and President Santos is playing it carefully. Leonardo Goi analyses the action.

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Breed or else! Iran’s ultimatum to women

What is Iran doing – trying to force women to have children? asks Vanessa Baird.

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Blacklisted construction workers will be heard

New revelations are promised at tonight’s book launch at the Houses of Parliament.

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Ai Weiwei: @Large in Alcatraz

On the island site of the famous US prison, Dawn Starin explores Ai Weiwei’s latest exhibition on freedom. 

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Arresting behaviour: smiling rambler turns warrior of justice

Jamie Kelsey-Fry witnesses Paul Mobbs attempting a citizen’s arrest on a fracking-friendly Cabinet.

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Capitalism and human rights abuses go together like yin and yang

Violence and oppression make this the most dangerous political system, argues Amit Singh.

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‘India’s Daughter’ film reignites public anger

An unrepentant rapist’s words horrify Mari Marcel Thekaekara and her compatriots.

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Cooking up improved conditions in the kitchen

Cleaner, quicker stoves will benefit women and their families in south Asia, says Lucy Stevens.

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