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Africa: a continent of wealth, a continent of poverty

How can a region with such vast resources remain so poor? asks Tom Lebert.


Dominican Republic continues forced expulsion of citizens of Haitian descent

The current ‘migrant’ crisis fails to paint a full picture of the story, writes Neda Tehrani.

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International Football Racketeers

Naomi Fowler puts the FIFA scandal under the microscope.

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'Cooked Up' at the London Short Story Festival

Summary of the ‘Cooked Up’ event at the London Short Story Festival. 

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Getting away with the detox thing

Kate Smurthwaite argues that eating disorders are hiding in plain sight in Western culture.

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The Refugee Tales: unheard voices

During last week’s Refugee Week, Michaela Whitton walked in solidarity with asylum-seekers, refugees and detainees.

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The fatherhood revolution

For Father’s day, Nikki van der Gaag discusses feminism, men and unravelling gender stereotypes.

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Frozen lives amid Baku’s festivities

Emma Hughes on her recent deportation from Azerbaijan and speaking out against the Aliyev regime.

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Media: purpose before profit?

Veronique Mistiaen looks at how Positive News is putting the reins of its business in readers’ hands.

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Facebook is the enemy

Mojtaba Alef on Iran’s continuing internet censorship. 

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10 signs that climate change success is coming

A remarkable month for tackling global climate change is about to get even better, writes Joe Ware.

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