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Even a stopped clock is right twice a day

Independent Living carries a legacy worth defending, argues Andy Greene.


Using technology to challenge poverty

Global development goals should be framed around a new kind of justice, says Amber Meikle.


How to dismantle the National Health Service

Youssef El-Gingihy argues that the fight to save the NHS affects everyone in Britain.

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Bollywood dreams, brutal reality

An angry Mari Marcel Thekaekara reports on yet more police incompetence and one very brave 17-year-old girl.


A heart that never dies: Swaziland’s democratic struggle

A new documentary tells the story of the fight for social justice in the sub-Saharan country, writes Peter Kenworthy.

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FARC’s new truce, Colombia’s old challenges

Leonardo Goi weighs the prospects and promises of the guerrilla movement’s latest ceasefire.


Kashmir: unsettling questions

Uzma Falak reports on state violence within the India-controlled region.

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TTIP disappointment: ISDS-lite gets the nod in Strasbourg

Guy Taylor is up in arms over today’s TTIP vote in the European Parliament. 

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NI's Easier English provides 'ready lessons'

Kelsi Farrington explains how the wiki helps English-language learners become familiar with global issues and develop the confidence to discuss and protest.


Solidarity, people power and 10 years of BDS

Ryvka Barnard reflects on a decade of the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment and sanctions.


Brazilian indigenous group expels illegal loggers

The Amazon Ka’apor community takes the struggle for sovereignty into its own hands, Phil Clarke Hill and Ruy Sposati show.

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