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Maggi noodles

Why The Maggi Affair has angered and enthralled India

Nestlé’s noodles are under scrutiny. About time, thinks Mari Marcel Thekaekara

Thumb for Damp socks but high spirits at Reclaim the Power 2015

Damp socks but high spirits at Reclaim the Power 2015

Laura Stacey shares her experience from and motivation for participating in the camp.

India’s illegal detention of juveniles

India’s illegal detention of juveniles rising, lawyers say

Dilnaz Boga looks at how the crackdown affects society’s most vulnerable.

Politicians – serving us or themselves?

In the latest podcast from Tax Justice Network: why we should learn from Pakistan and make our MPs’ tax returns public.

Thumb for Reclaiming the power 2015

Die-ins, lock-ons and reclaiming the power

Kat Lyons looks back at the recent Day of Action to raise awareness of the climate crisis.

CCTV cameras

Government intrusion and the loss of human rights

14 years of fighting the ‘war on terror’ has left us all less secure, says Amit Singh.

Thumb for Tony Blair

Tony Blair, the Mideast Peacemaker that never was

Is the Quartet’s Middle East peace project flawed from the outset? asks Neda Tehrani.


Blinded in ‘paradise’

With India touting Kashmir as a dream tourist destination, Uzma Falak reports on the reality – and the ongoing police brutality.

barbed wire and flower

Colombia’s peace process: shaken, not dead

With so much at stake, the government and the FARC will continue negotiations despite the end of the ceasefire, believes Leonardo Goi.

Death Valley National Park

What can Mad Max tell us about water scarcity?

Beulah Devaney finds an unexpected message in the Hollywood blockbuster. 

Citizen Weekly front page

Gay rights group secures legal victory in Kenya

But the court’s decision has angered opponents to LGBT rights, as Moses Wasamu reports.

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