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Colombia’s peace requires disarming manhood, not just men

Realizing peace means tackling the structural dimensions of different sources of violence, argues Leonardo Goi.

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Last year's top stories make splash in 2016

A rundown of New Internationalist’s most popular web articles from 2015.

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Freedom and football

In a letter to a friend, Antoine Cassar relives a visit to a detention centre in Luxembourg.


Keystrokes in the West may mean a death sentence in Saudi Arabia

Chris Spannos on the dangers of going online in the land of Al Saud.

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Are we going to sit back and wait for the next mine waste disaster?

Following a recent tragedy in Brazil, Jennifer Krill wonders when environmental laws are going to be enforced.

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G7’s ‘New Alliance’ deal is failing farmers in Africa

Aisha Dodwell argues that such schemes only line transnationals’ pockets.

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Freer than the wind – the art of Ai Weiwei

Hannah Garrard visits the Chinese dissident artist’s exhibition at London’s Royal Academy.

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Brash, flash and too much flesh

At a school Christmas show, Maggie Black worries that things have gone too far.

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Breaking the silence on sexual violence

Arab women are speaking out, reports Inna Michaeli.

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Ending the year on a note of hope

2015 has had its share of bad news. But there is reason for optimism, says Mari Marcel Thekaekara.

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‘Indigenous people were silenced and erased’

An open letter from the Wretched of the Earth bloc to the organizers of the People’s Climate March of Justice and Jobs.

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